Presenters Name: Niko Safavi

Employment Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Mowilex

Presentation Title: Sustainability’s Conclusion – The Dawn of Environmental Accountability

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Presenter: Andriy Voronov

Employment Title: Professor

Company: North Dakota State University

Presentation Title: Biobased Polymeric Materials Derived from Plant/Vegetable Oils Triglycerides

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Presenters Name: Ashish Kumar

Employment Title: Sales & Product Manager

Company: Anton Paar (Australia)

Presentation Title: Characterisation of Paints & Varnishes

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Presenter: Dr Phil Barker

Employment Title: Associate Professor

Company:  University of Wollongong, School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience.

Presentation Title: A new method for evaluating photoinitiator efficiency: application to LED395 curing and a molecular understanding of oxygen inhibition.

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Presenter: Paul Armistead

Employment Title: Principal Manager

Company: IMCD NZ Limited

Presentation Title: Sustainability from a Distributor Point of View

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Presenter: Luc Sterckx

Employment Title: Technical Support & Business Development Manager EMEA

Company: Allnex

Presentation Title: Why is sustainable performance important ?

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Presenters Name: David Baggs

Employment Title: CEO, Technical Director & Co-founder

Company: Global Greentag International Pty Ltd

Presentation Title: The Expanded Role of Paints and Coatings in Australia’s Green and Healthy Buildings

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Presenter: Laurence Teachout

Employment Title:  Senior Technical Director

Company: Behr Paints

Presentation Title: Proper Colorant Formulation to Improve Properties of Tinted Decorative Paints

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Presenters Name: Jasmine Lim

Employment Title: Technical Service Manager

Company: Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd

Presentation Title: Giving Coatings a new Perception with SILRES BS

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Presenter: Priscilla Johnston

Employment Title: Coatings Scientist, Marine Specialty Coatings, Specialised Coatings & Corrosion Science

Company: Defence Science & Technology Group

Presentation Title: Heat Induction Coating Removal – RAN Trial

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Presenter: Ankush Panchagade

Employment Title:  Technical Sales

Company:  Momentive Performance Materials

Presentation Title:  Silicone for Anti-scuff/ Scuff Proof coatings

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Presenter: Dylan Audeyev

Employment Title: Vice President, Sustainability

Company: Tronox Holdings PLC

Presentation Title: Countdown to 2030

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Presenters Name: Kevin Roden

Employment Title:  Technical Sales Support Specialist

Company: Arxada

Presentation Title:  The Protection of Coatings from Surface Fungal Growth

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Presenter: Ian Clark

Employment Title:  Mostly retired. Sometime consultant

Company: Paintspection

Presentation Title: ” I think I have faulty paint!”

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Presenters Name: Dr. Willem van Gerresheim

Employment Title: Managing Director/Owner

Company: ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

Presentation Title:  Development of the Ultimate Universal Pigment Dispersant

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Presenter: Yogesh Marathe

Employment Title: Staff Scientist

Company:  Momentive Performance Materials

Presentation Title: Functional Silicone Additives for Durable Exterior Architectural Coatings

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Presenters Name: Denis Wright

Employment Title: General Manager, Graphene Materials

Company: Sparc Technologies

Presentation Title:The journey of Graphene and its Utilisation in Protective Coatings

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Presenter: Joe Lombardo

Employment Title:

Company: Chemadd

Presentation Title: Know your products, customer needs and Know- How

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Presenter: Dr Nurudin Budiman

Employment Title: Senior Director Marketing & Innovation

Company: Connell Caldic

Presentation Title: Bio-based open time prolonger

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Presenters Name: James Manikath

Employment Title: Technical Manager

Company: Luxury Paints

Presentation Title: A layperson’s method to characterise polymers in latexes

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Presenters Name: Carmello Cem Novella

Employment Title: Managing Director

Company: Static Electricity Control

Presentation Title: Static Electricity in the Dangerous Goods/ Hazardous Area Environment.

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Presenters Name: Dr David Myint

Employment Title: Sales & Application Support

Company: ATA Scientific

Presentation Title: Elevating Engineering to an art form

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Presenter: Steven Herbert

Employment Title:  Consultant

Company: TZMI

Presentation Title: The Old World and the Great Wall – dynamics in the TiO2 pigment supply

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Presenter: Alice Endersbee

Employment Title:  Technical Sales & Quality Engineer

Company: BASF

Presentation Title: Highest opacity and sustainability – waterborne high solids dispersions for wood paints

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Presenter: Shaun Patrick

Employment Title: Technical Manager

Company:  eVic

Presentation Title: The Innovations, Stories, and Lessons of 2023: A Year In Review

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Presenters Name: Swati Sharma

Employment Title: R&D Manager

Company: Paintback

Presentation Title: A World of Possibilities in the left-over Paint and Packaging – Paintback Perspective

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Presenters Name: Mei Ling Liew

Employment Title: Technical Manager, Coatings Asia

Company: Synthomer

Presentation Title: Hydrophobic Dispersion Technology for effective metal protection

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Presenters Name: Dale Peterson

Employment Title: Managing Director

Company: Bondline Static Control Solutions Pty Ltd

Presentation Title: Antistatic, Conductive, Dissipative. The importance of grounding personnel and correct PPE

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Presenter: Shailendra Bhatkhande

Employment Title:  Vice President – Global Operations

Company: Cardolite Corporation

Presentation Title: Green Technologies for Coatings Industry.

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Presenters Name: Mercy Baniasad

Employment Title: National Sales Manager – Acid Protection and Industrial Flooring

Company: Metz Group

Presentation Title: Corrosion Beyond Atmospheric – Protective Coatings in Extreme Environments

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Presenters Name: Csongor Komjati

Employment Title: Sales Director, Performance Solutions

Company: Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd

Presentation Title: Wacker’s recent Silres silicone resin developments for Flooring, Stone Carpet and High Heat Resistant Coating application

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Presenters Name: Elmira Siroospour on behalf of Benno Blickenstorfer

Employment Title:  TCL Hofmann Industrial Business Unit Team Leader / Songwon Global Business Development Manager

Company: TCL Hofmann/Songwon Industrial Group

Presentation Title:  Light Stabilisers in the Coatings industry : Solutions to current and future challenges

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