Welcome Function

Welcome Function

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Gala Dinner

BeChallenged are back! This year we have taken two popular games and tweaked them just for you.

For the cerebral delegates there is the Curio Show where you will need to guess what an item is and for the more action types with Win It in a Minute the table teams will battle out a series of 60 second challenges.

So organise your table to have both brainiacs and action types.

The Curio Show

Teams employ educated guesswork and bluff as they venture into the intriguing world of antiques.

Our team will be carefully curating an engaging and entertaining blend of fun and competitive Curio engagements which will also be able to feature a collection of unique SCAA Curios’ aimed at deepening the mystery, and connecting a on a deeper level with your delegates and the Surface Coatings Association/Industry.

We envision the design and delivery of these programs will seek to compliment and support the event, and stimulate conversation, connection, engagement, and easy opportunities for networking and most importantly. To help deepen/establish all levels of new and existing relationship around the room and throughout the evening.

The bonus rounds of competitive challenges from our Win it in a Minute catalogue will add a real zest to the event, and offer something for everyone, which will be sure to keep the energy high, and competition fierce, for those most inclined to get involved, and are welcome to go hard, before they have to go home 😊

How It Works – Curio Show

Teams browse the curios. Simple questions will provoke lively debate as to age, value and intended use of each item. Teams then take it in turns to provide three descriptions of an antique, only one of which is correct. The other teams guess which description is the correct one. The truth is revealed, and the winners awarded prizes!