Presenters Name: Yogesh Marathe

Employment Title: Staff Scientist

Company: Momentive Performance Materials

Biography: Yogesh Marathe is a Staff scientist with Momentive Performance Materials in Bangalore, India as a part of Technology team for new product development for global additive portfolio. With 18 years of R&D, and technical service experience with different customers in diverse roles across the organizational hierarchy, his primary focus includes coatings for Architectural, Automotive, and Industrial applications. He is graduated from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in M. Tech in Surface coating Technology in 2006

Presentation Title: Functional Silicone Additives for Durable Exterior Architectural Coatings

Presentation Abstract: Long-lasting exterior coatings are highly desired for residential and commercial buildings. Silicone polymers are well known for their very low surface energy, high hydrophobicity and UV stability, along with their flexible backbones which can support a wide range of organic functional groups. They are outstanding candidates for enhancing surface properties of organic systems; however, traditional silicones face challenges in exterior waterborne coatings due to incompatibility, surface blooming and poor dirt pickup due to their inert and soft nature.

This paper introduces functional silicone additives that are highly compatible and reactive that find utility in acrylic-based waterborne exterior architectural coatings. These specialized, cross-linked additives enable formulators to develop highly durable coatings with exceptional hydrophobicity/water-beading, weatherability, anti-blocking and surfactant leaching resistance. The study focuses on examining how these functional silicones can enhance coating performance over time, without sacrificing other desired properties. Mechanisms along with advantages that these functional silicone additives provide to premium coating systems will also be discussed.