Presenters Name: Shaun Patrick

Employment Title: Technical Manager

Company: eVic

Biography: Shaun Patrick is a coatings expert with more than 20 years of hands-on formulation experience, and a track record of over $100 million in product sales. He is passionate about learning and sharing his insights on the coatings industry and beyond. As a conference speaker, he combines scientific rigour with a flair for entertainment, delivering engaging presentations that challenge conventional wisdom. He is currently in charge of new product development at Evic Pty. Ltd. and is a recent SCAA NSW Chairman and Board Member.

Presentation Title: The Innovations, Stories, and Lessons of 2023: A Year In Review

Presentation Abstract: Join me on a journey through the remarkable developments and discoveries of 2023. Learn about the various breakthroughs and technical innovations. Examine the emerging best practices and lessons for product development. What were the stories from behind the scenes? How did the intersection with science, business, and culture influence our industry? And what are the takeaways that we can use into the future? This is not a dry literature review. This is a lively synthesis of the most valuable and fascinating insights of 2023.