Presenters Name: Paul Armistead

Employment Title: Principal Manager

Company: IMCD NZ Limited

Biography: Paul Armistead has been in the Chemical Industry for over 40 years, and in Surface Coatings for over 35. From the initial roles in both laboratories and production, he moved into sales with Western Chemicals almost 30 years ago. Since then, he has worked for Bayer, Orica and for the last 14 plus years IMCD. He has been a member of SCANZ for almost 30 years, has presented at a number of conferences, technical evenings and written articles for the SCANZ Magazine. He is an Associate member of the industry, and holds an NZCS in Chemistry from many years ago.

Presentation Title:  Sustainability from a Distributor Point of View

Presentation Abstract:Sustainability is something we are hearing about more and more. People generally relate this to making products “greener”. So how can a distributor who does no manufacturing have an influence on what their customers can do to make their products more sustainable? This paper looks at the steps IMCD is taking at both a global and business group level to answer these questions. It will introduce the six categories IMCD Coatings and Construction are using to group the products and how their labs are helping with getting the message to our customers.