Presenters Name: Dr Nurudin Budiman

Employment Title: Senior Director Marketing & Innovation

Company: Connell Caldic

Biography: Dr Nurudin Budiman is a veteran in APAC coatings industry, with extensive 25 years industry experienced and deep knowledge in various coatings application. Holding 3 international patents in the area of coatings technology and application, publish many articles and speaker in many coatings conferences.

Got PhD in polymer chemistry then started his industry career as polymer chemist in Eternal Resin for 2 years, afterwards moved to Clariant as head of technical center for 9 years then moved to BASF as senior manager new business development for coatings before finally joining Caldic in 2013 as APAC senior director for marketing and innovation

Presentation Title:  Bio-based open time prolonger

Presentation Abstract: A new bio-based open time prolonger derived from renewable resource is used as a low carbon footprint and low VOC alternative of propylene glycols and has potential to reduce partially coalescing solvent. with higher boiling point and more hydrophobic it exhibits better levelling, higher gloss and better scrub resistance. The intended main application for the product are architectural coatings and pigment paste or preparation.