Presenters Name: Mei Ling Liew

Employment Title: Technical Manager, Coatings Asia

Company: Synthomer

Biography:  Mei Ling is currently attached to Synthomer Malaysia as Applications Laboratory Manager, Coatings under the Division of Coatings & Construction Solutions. She has been associated with surface coatings industry for 19 years: starting her career as an R&D Chemist working on emulsion polymerization for 6 years. Subsequently Mei Ling horned her Coatings formulation skill working with 2 Coatings company regional Technical Centers in Singapore. In 2015 she returned to Synthomer as the Technical Service Manager for Coatings and Constructions business unit. She subsequently heads the Regional Application Lab for Coatings, Construction and Adhesives. Mei Ling has been with Synthomer for 15 years and during those periods she has developed unique products which is still within Synthomer portfolio today. She has constantly interacted with the regional markets in various capacities.

Presentation Title:  Hydrophobic Dispersion Technology for effective metal protection

Presentation Abstract: The annual cost of corrosion to the global economy is estimated at €2.5 trillion, but savings can be made by implementing proper corrosion prevention best practices. The application of one or two component protective coatings is one of the possible solutions to limit maintenance costs. While there is a general shift in the coatings industry towards waterborne technologies, solvent-based systems are still the preferred choice for metal corrosion protection because, for well-known reasons, corrosion prevention with waterborne coatings is a particularly perceived as a difficult challenge.

Synthomer has developed innovative water-based binders based on Hydrophobic Dispersion Technology for effective metal protection for architectural and industrial coatings. This presentation will describe the design of these polymers and their resulting performance when used in direct-to-metal formulations and anti-corrosion primers. Particular attention will be paid to the influence of critical formulation ingredients, such as anticorrosive pigments, and their interest in the development of 1K waterborne coatings