Presenters Name: Dylan Audeyev

Employment Title:  Vice President, Sustainability

Company: Tronox Holdings PLC

Biography:  Dylan Audeyev is Tronox’s Vice President of Sustainability, driving global efforts to enhance climate, waste, water, biodiversity and product stewardship performance.  Across 23 years with Tronox, Dylan has worked in all parts of TiO2 value chain including mining, mineral processing and pigment manufacturing in a range of site and global portfolios including: Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Technology and Improvement, Business Transformation and most recently Sustainability.  In the Sustainability and Product Stewardship portfolio Dylan has the opportunity to enable a passionate global workforce and to pair their efforts with the drive of invested customers, suppliers, investors and 3rd-party innovators to ensure ambitious sustainability goals become reality and essential products (TiO2, Zr, Rare earths) are contributing to a more sustainable world.

Presentation Title: Countdown to 2030

Presentation Abstract: 2030 is not far away.  Tronox has set ambitious short and medium term sustainability targets for it’s global mining and pigment manufacturing operations and it is now into the exciting nuts and bolts stage of the how to achieve them at speed and scale.  With upstream activities a significant contributor to the environmental footprint of coatings, a sustainability transformation both within organisations and across the supply chain is occurring.  Stakeholders are gaining an appreciation of the transition challenges (technical, logistical, organisational, regulatory) and are increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing to fast track innovation.  Substantial investment will be needed to bring forward sustainability improvements if science based targets are to be met.  For all parties in the value chain this needs to be done in an efficient and effective manner, so customers have products that are safe and sustainable by design and value for money.