Acrylic emulsion binders

Performance of exterior or interior paint is often determined by the choice of acrylic binder in the formulation. Our leading brands PRIMAL™, DIRTSHIELD™, ELASTENE™, EVOQUE™, FORMASHIELD™ and AVANSE™ are excellent choices for your innovative products.

Our latest brand is INVIZIPRO™, for high performance, high scuff resistance, matte to low sheen applications.

ROPAQUE™ Opaque Polymers

A family of opaque polymers that deliver cost efficient opacity and performance to water based paints. Dow invented, and offers unrivalled expertise in this technology.

ACRYSOL™ Rheology Modifiers

An extensive portfolio of rheology modifiers and thickeners based on technologies designed to control the flow of paint and maximise the performance and application properties.

OROTAN™ Dispersants

A range of polyacid and polymeric dispersants for use in interior and exterior paint applications. Our dispersants have been designed for flawless compatibility with our rheology modifiers


Maintenance and protective coatings

Offering environmental, health, and safety benefits, as well as proven performance in real world exposures, waterborne acrylics are an excellent choice for painting in light- to medium-duty environments. Dow advances in acrylic latex design and formulations are expanding the utility of waterborne acrylic coatings to more demanding environments across a range of metal substrates, including structural steel, chemical and processing equipment, storage tanks and commercial architecture.

Floor coatings

Making the switch from solventborne to waterborne concrete coatings brings many immediate advantages, including lower VOC emissions, lower odor and reduced fire hazard. Waterborne acrylic resins from Dow can combine enhanced user safety with high performance properties, including excellent resistance to water blushing, low water pickup, low coalescent demand, good exterior weatherability, and reduced water vapor permeability.

Wood coatings

Market driven interest in lowering VOCs and HAPS are giving wood and composite wood manufacturers strong incentives to replace solventborne coatings with waterborne alternatives. Dow high-performance acrylic binders for furniture, kitchen cabinets, molding joinery and other wood and engineered wood products are low VOC capable and offer performance properties that are comparable to solventborne standards including excellent chemical and stain resistance, scratch and mar resistance, early block and print resistance and excellent film clarity.

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