Presenters Name: Csongor Komjati

Employment Title: Sales Director

Company: Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd

Biography:  Csongor Komjati, Sales Director joined Wacker in 2019 and today he is responsible South East Asia and ANZ region for performance silicones. Prior to this, Csongor has spent more than 10 years in the coating and construction industry in various technical sales roles. Csongor has graduated from the Budapest Technical University in Hungary with a Bachelor of Science, Civil and Structural engineering and furthering his education with a Masters of Science, specializing in Civil and Structural Engineering.

Presentation Title:  Wacker’s recent Silres silicone resin developments for Flooring, Stone Carpet and High Heat Resistant Coating application

Presentation Abstract: Today, many modern buildings showcase concrete or flowing-screed floors without any protective layers. These kinds of floors have a special esthetic appeal through their smooth and seamless surface, yet they stain very easily. With SILRES® BS 6920, WACKER offers a new binder for both ready-to-use impregnating agents and thin coatings for cement-bound floors as well as an innovative binder for stone carpet application. It provides excellent stain protection superior to conventional coating, and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Silicone resins are highly appreciated as binders for pigmented metal coating that withstand temperatures of up to 600 °C. With SILRES® M 51 E, WACKER now presents a novel waterborne methyl silicone resin for these demanding applications. This makes it possible to harness all the positive effects of water-borne paints in heat-resistant industrial applications and in addition with our new SILRES® IC 900 we provide a silicone resin binder that allows for high-temperature applications with a dry-film thickness (DFT) of over 100 micrometers.