As supplier of products requiring rigid packaging, we understand the importance of packaging product quality, reliability and on time delivery, so that you can supply your products safely and you know they will last the test of time.

Class Plastics has a history, proven performance and the range of rigid packaging products that enable you to be able to provide your product as they are meant to be, on time and with confidence that your name will be riding on the packaging as though it’s your own.

With over thirty years of tried and tested manufacturing and distribution, Class Plastics is known for it knowledge, commitment, honesty, and transparency and the ability to get the products delivered when we promise it will. We are truly long term business partners.

Our customers state that we are totally committed to product quality, reliability and that our product knowledge and expertise in the product and its delivery are second to none.

Talk to us about your long term rigid packaging and delivery needs. What packaging solutions are you looking for? Come talk to us about your needs today.