Presenters Name: Elmira Siroospour on behalf of Benno Blickenstorfer

Employment Title: TCL Hofmann Industrial Business Unit Team Leader / Songwon Global Business Development Manager

Company: TCL Hofmann/Songwon Industrial Group

Biography: Benno Blickenstorfer is a Chemical Engineer by education and has a post graduate degree in Business Management. Benno has spent 25 years in various technical and commercial functions in the adhesive and sealant industry. The past 5 years he has been with SONGWON Management AG in Switzerland in the role of Global Business Development Manager within the Business Unit Coatings. / Elmira Siroospour holds a bachelor’s degree in Polymer Engineering with a specialization in Paint & Coating Technology.

Elmira Siroospour has made significant contributions during her nearly 6-years tenure in TCL Hofmann by introducing and developing innovative products for the paints and coating industry through close collaboration with suppliers and a deep understanding of customer requirements. Elmira’s career in the paint and coating sector spans over 20 years, during which she has held diverse roles including R&D, Quality Control, Technical Service, Procurement and Business developments.

Presentation Title:  Light Stabilisers in the Coatings industry : Solutions to current and future challenges

Presentation Abstract: Stabilisers and in particular light stabilisers, play a key role in the Coatings and related industries. During their end-use and when exposed to environmental conditions, all organic polymer systems are faced with various effects of degradation. These can lead to changes in colour and appearance, loss of mechanical properties or complete destruction within relatively short periods of time. To counter the harmful effects of light and heat and therefore maintain long-term performance over the lifecycle of the coated products, stabiliser packages are essential.

The presentation gives a brief introduction into SONGWON and its technologies. It then highlights on solutions that address current and future requirements regarding protection performance, ease of use, product safety and regulatory requirements.