Presenters Name: Ankush Panchagade

Employment Title:  Technical Sales

Company: Momentive Performance Materials

Biography: Techno-Commercial professional with 15 years of experience in the Coating Industry across IMEA and SEA region. He is graduate in surface coating technology from LIT Nagpur. Prior association with Momentive he worked with AkzoNobel India in Research & Development where he focussed on Product development, RM evaluation, technical service, Process excellence & plant Commissioning. Currently He leads technical service for mentioned region where his expertise is on silane & silicone derivative products for coatings, Adhesive & sealant application.

Presentation Title:Silicone for Anti-scuff/ Scuff Proof coatings

Presentation Abstract: Architectural water-based coatings are widely used in residential, educational institute, high traffic area and commercial buildings. Scuff, Mar resistance and low maintenance are highly preferred properties during service life of a coating which help to enhance durability without affecting the aesthetics of the surface. Silicone polymers are well known for very low surface energy, low coefficient of friction, and remarkable durability, along with their flexible backbones which can bear a wide range of organic functional groups. They are outstanding candidates for achieving scuff and mar resistance properties. However, it has been challenging to achieve optimal surface stratification, compatibility, reactivity, and distribution within organic coating matrix, and therefore to maximize the potential of silicones. These silicone additives provided exceptional scuff, and block resistance, across various PVC formulations. It significantly improves coating scuff performance against commonly used object like rubber, plastic, leather etc. These specialty silicones can enhance surface characteristics of coating to provide these benefits without sacrificing key properties.