Presenters Name: Andriy Voronov

Employment Title: Professor

Company: North Dakota State University

Biography: TBA

Presentation Title: Biobased Polymeric Materials Derived from Plant/Vegetable Oils Triglycerides

Presentation Abstract: We developed one-step transesterification process to convert plant/vegetable oil triglycerides into sustainable acrylic monomers to be employed in polymer synthesis using free radical mechanisms. There is a library of 15 such monomers from oils broadly varying in triglyceride mixtures chemical composition available for the synthesis of (co)polymers (including latexes) in combination with various commodity and biobased counterparts.
The developed plant oil-based monomers (POBMs) uniquely combine triglycerides fatty acid moieties of varying unsaturation with saturated ones. The latter allows either formation of crystalline domains in polymers (from saturated fragments) or “on-demand’ cross-linking to form networks, as well as provides a versatile tool to tune thermomechanical properties and performance of the resulted sustainable polymeric materials.
This presentation discusses synthesis of biobased polymeric materials (including latexes) from POBMs to be potentially applied in adhesives, coatings, personal care products etc., as well as demonstrates feasibility for incorporation of POBMs ingredients into bioplastics, as opportunities to replace petroleum-based counterparts and not only improve the materials sustainability but also enhance their performance.