Presenters Name: Alice Endersbee

Employment Title: Technical Sales & Quality Engineer

Company: BASF

Biography: Alice Endersbee is an organic chemist who began her career in the coatings industry as a QC Chemist with BASF Australia. She has since moved into a Sales role where she primarily works with customers in architectural coatings to develop new paints that will serve the current and future needs of Australians. Alice is passionate about creating innovative products that make it simple for Australian consumers to make  sustainable decisions every day.

Presentation Title:  Highest opacity and sustainability – waterborne high solids dispersions for wood paints

Presentation Abstract: Novel High Solids Bimodal Multiphase Acrylic Binder for Ultra Low VOC Paints

Low-VOC continues to be a driving force for sustainable and consumer-focused innovation in coatings.

However, performance characteristics of solvent borne paints, particularly rheology, has continued to out-perform water borne alternatives.

BASF will present a bimodal high solids acrylic binder with near-Newtonian viscosity and strong opacity as a novel, platform technology to enable formulators to continue to move toward a sustainable, ultra-low-VOC future.

This technology has been commercialised as a trim paint in Europe and North America and recently won the American Coatings Award at ACS in Indiana earlier this month for its application in interior broad wall paints.

BASF are excited to present the technology to Australian formulators to further explore the possibility of low carbon footprint, ultra-low-VOC paints.