Presenters Name: Dr. Willem van Gerresheim

Employment Title: Managing Director/Owner

Company: ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.

Biography: Management positions in R&D and Marketing/Sales: DSM Resins; NITROQUIMICA; Cray Valley

Presentation Title: Development of the Ultimate Universal Pigment Dispersant

Presentation Abstract: Much has been published about stabilization mechanisms of pigment dispersants and many approaches have been described for development of universal, resin free pigment pastes for Solvent Based, Water based and UV systems.

This article shows a novel approach by also using the unique array of Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) in the development of the ultimate, universal, VOC-free bio-based pigment dispersant for afore mentioned resin free pigment pastes.

Results are shown enabling resin free pigment pastes with “fineness” below 5µ (Hegman gauge) and around 500 – 600 nm (Dynamic Light Scattering) using dissolver only – no pearl/ball/sand mill required.