Postponed to May 2022.

On Saturday [20/2/21], the SCAA Board met for the regular quarterly Board Meeting.

One of the agenda items high on the list was the situation with the Australian Coatings Show (ACS) in the light of CoVID19 and the ongoing snap border closures that we continue to see.

Susan Bartlett, the ACS Chairperson provide the Board with an update of the ongoing situation and her committees discussions with a cross section of Sponsors, Exhibitors, Presenters and Delegates. Their findings were that there is a lack of confidence in the ability to hold a show during the current environment. Whilst moving the ACS to a date later in 2021 was a possibility, the committees discussions suggested that confidence was unlikely to increase until results from the vaccination rollout were known. According to news reports this morning, the entire Australian population is unlikely to receive their first vaccinations until at least October 2021, with no guaranteed timeframe when the borders would be opened to international arrivals.

The ACS committee recommended to the Board that the ACS be postponed until May 2022. Following extensive deliberation, the Board agreed with that recommendation. Consequently, I must now officially inform you that the Australian Coating Show 2021 has been postponed until May 2022.

This is clearly not an outcome that Board and the ACS committee desired, but given the circumstances, the most appropriate in the current climate.

[we] hope that you will continue to support SCAA as the Sections attempt to develop content for Members that can be delivered in the current climate.